Why choose RIDBC?

RIDBC specialises in helping people with vision or hearing loss to lead fulfilling, confident and engaged lives.

Our therapy, education and cochlear implant services are tailored to meet an individual’s needs and stage of life, supported by our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals specialising in hearing and vision loss.

Our goal is to support you. We pride ourselves on working in collaboration with families, children and adults to tailor services that support and fit your individual needs and life goals.

We are experts in sensory disability. RIDBC has been supporting Australians with vision or hearing loss for over 150 years. Our staff are highly skilled and experienced, and undertake rigorous professional development through RIDBC Renwick Centre – Australia’s leading provider of professional education in sensory disability.

You will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialise in vision or hearing loss. We build a team of experts around your individual needs, including teachers, therapists, audiologists, orthoptists and a range of specialist consultants. Helping you achieve the best possible outcomes at every stage of your life.

We provide a broad range of services, locations and flexible support options. No other provider is more suitable than RIDBC to provide specialist hearing and vision loss support services. Our services are provided in convenient locations across Australia, in the local community, in the home, or through videoconferencing.

We are great value for money. As a charity, RIDBC services are heavily subsidised by generous donations which means we can offer you a level of service that is above and beyond what NDIS funding can typically provide to ensure you and your family receive all the support you need.

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RIDBC works across Australia to support children and adults of all ages who have vision or hearing loss.

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